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Turn Your Facebook Account Into A Lead Generation Machine
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DM Targeted Users In Any Group
LeadBook will send a personalized message to targets within any Facebook group. Set up as many canned messages as you need, so you always have the right message for the right reason. Use Message Groups to rotate between multiple message variations!
Never Ending Supply Of Leads
Fill up your inbox with a never ending supply of leads, meetings and opportunities with the click of a button. Just set your message templates, set your keywords and hit start.

Target By Keywords
Separate qualified buyers from time wasters using the Keyword & Negative Keyword Feature. Select which job titles you want to target or exclude before LeadBook sends them a friend request and personalized message.
Message When You Receive A Friend Request
This is an important way to filter your most eager prospects and filter out general time wasters. Ask them why they requested your friendship before you accept!


Will my Facebook account be safe?

Yes! LeadBook prospects in an extremely human manner.

There are randomized intervals on how long LeadBook will wait before sending the next message or friend request. Through our message segment feature, the messages you are sending are unique and not simple "copy & paste" messages - you're able to cycle between various message templates.

As long as you follow the guidelines in the training, your account will remain safe.

How many messages / friend requests can I send per day?

There is no limit to how many friend requests / DMs LeadBook can send, however we recommend sending no more than 50 per day.

As detailed in the training, it's best to warm up your account by starting at 15 DMs per day and then raising it by 5 every week until you hit 50 DMs per day maximum.

Can I scale with multiple Facebook accounts?

Yes! We have a training detailing how to scale with multiple Facebook accounts on one computer without getting banned. 

We have a ton of users who have 20+ Facebook accounts on one computer using this strategy and send out 1000+ DMs per day.

The average reply rate on Facebook is 20%. If you send 1000+ DMs per day that is 200 replies per day.

How can I send 1000+ DMs per day?

Click here to watch our training on how to send 1000 DMs per day WITHOUT getting banned.

Do you have an Instagram Prospecting Tool?

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Our partner program is an incredible opportunity to create passive income. You get 50% of the revenue for the lifetime of the users you onboard.

You can even use LeadBook to DM people on Facebook in order to get new users.

In our experience 1 out of 50 Facebook DMs sent ends up being a sale.

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